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Dr. Anahi Ortiz, MD, Franklin County Ohio Coroner, Retired
Columbus, Ohio

Dr. Ortiz was born in New York, New York. She graduated from the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, a six year BS/MD program, at City College of New York. She then received her medical degree from Downstate Medical College in Brooklyn. Dr. Ortiz decided on pediatrics as her focus and did her residency at St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan. Dr. Ortiz was appointed to the office of Franklin County Coroner in November of 2014.  

Dr. Anahi Ortiz has almost 30 years’ experience in working with high risk communities in the medical field. She brings this experience and knowledge to the office of Coroner where she is a voice for those who die of violent means and help improve the lives of our community. After retirement in 2022, Dr. Ortiz began working with small nonprofits on board development and strategic planning. She also continues to sit on several boards in Ohio and in her new home, Arizona.