Our Approach

The Federation’s strength is in its ability to work across multiple sectors using unified approaches that encompass but not limited to: community mobilization and civic engagement, development and dissemination of position briefs that are policy and resource focused, capacity building, and development of infrastructure. The Federation holds the following guiding principles:

  • Health and Health Care Disparities Elimination. We are committed to the elimination of health and health care disparities for racial/ethnic minority communities, through the advancement of policy, community engagement, resource development, research, and programs that address socioeconomic determinants of health.
  • Capacity Building. We seek to build the capacity of state and local entities, and communities to raise awareness of and to achieve health equity and eliminate health disparities.
  • Community Empowerment. We are committed to engaging and empowering racial and ethnic communities and organizations in innovative ways to address minority health and health disparities issues.
  • Elimination of Disproportionality in Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice. We are committed to engaging and mobilizing communities to address the issue of over-representation of children of color in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.  We also seek to raise awareness in addressing  disparities in health outcomes for children in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems through the use of data and common sense policies.